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The Juice Fast

May 25, 2012 by 25hoursadaymom

I admit. I’m intrigued. My son’s baseball coach has just finished the 10-day juice fast a la Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.  He was telling my husband and me about how good it made him feel (after the difficult first 3 days), how he lost 10 pounds and how even his mental acuity was maximized. Never one to shy away from something bizarre and fringe-sounding, I naturally pulled out my calendar and instantly started figuring out when I could feasibly do the fast myself.

That was last weekend. Since then, I’ve looked up testimonies and asked other people about it. I also watched the movie as well. I’m batting around considerations such as “masticating juicer vs. centrifugal juicer,” a topic I had never heard of until days ago. The only thing keeping me from doing the juice fast starting right this minute is that I’m always slow to buy another gadget. (Well, that and Memorial Weekend food, but I digress.) The Goodwill store is filled with Ab Rollers, Bread Machines, Total Body Gyms and CrockPots from all the people who hear about something and blaze a path to the store to buy a brand new gadget, only to fall quickly off the wagon and never row/bake/slow-cook/massage/whatever again in their lives. Might there even now be juicers – masticating or centrifugal – at a Goodwill near me? I wonder…

So, what are my issues, you might ask, that would lead me to shun cupcakes and Mike’s Hard for ten days? Well, there’s that god-forsaken “middle-age spread” that’s always nice to avoid. I gained five pounds a couple of months ago and for the time being, it looks like it’s taking up permanent residency. Sort of snuck in under the border fence while I was away with my girlfriends for the weekend and now it thinks it has a right to a driver’s license and a free education.

Then there are the interesting things nature does with the feminine cycle after the fourth decade of life has broken on the horizon, but I’ll spare you the details. Suffice it to say, normalizing phytonutrients would be welcome there, too.

And – okay, I’ll admit it – there’s just something appealing about the challenge. Sort of like, can I beat coffee? And Nachos? (Not the ball-field weird yellow disks with orange glop in the corner of the plastic tray, mind you, but serious nachos, with jalapenos and pico de gallo and spicy beef that makes my nose run – that is what I fear I’d miss!) I’d like to see what could happen. Call it a science experiment.

This morning, having no juicer yet, I made a fruit smoothie for breakfast, on the thinking that this was at least in the same direction. Here’s what I had:

About 1/2 cup fresh pineapple

4-5 strawberries

1 banana

1 T coconut oil

Blend it up. Knock it back.


It was delicious. I am only just now experimenting with coconut oil and can’t make up my mind how I feel about the saturated fat aspect. I will say this, though: the smoothie was completely satisfying. I was not hungry at all until about 1:00. That could be the fat. Coconut oil is supposed to be good for your thyroid, which I may very well require. I don’t know; I haven’t decided about that.

If I do decide to do the juice fast and work up the nerve to buy an appliance that has the strong potential to wind up in the appliance graveyard, I will blog about it here. If you have any experience with the juice fast, or with raw diets in general, I’m all ears.




  1. Doug Brewer says:

    Now…go watch Food Inc. and Food Matters, and getting past some of those things you are struggling to get past will get a little easier.

    I got on a wagon of my own recently, and then fell off it this weekend. But I am recommited this morning to eating healthier. The real problem is excercise. It is one of the sad little traps you fall in to. The more out of shape you are, the harder it is to do the excercises you need so desperately to do. But, I’m going to try. I’d kinda like to get back to being built like a brick house again. lol

  2. 25hoursadaymom says:

    Doug, I have heard of Food Inc., though I’ve never watched it myself. I’m sure there’s some “food for thought” there. Never heard of Food Matters, though.
    You might like to check out Steve Pavlina’s site, if you haven’t seen it before. He’s a good read and a forthright guy. I reckon you’d like him.
    How would you describe your shape now? More like a Yurt? 😉


    • Doug Brewer says:

      lol Well, all the muscle you may remember (and then some) is still there. But it’s buried under an extra 60-70 pounds. I have some work to do for sure, but I’m not past the point of no return yet (I hope).

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